Data Analytics Solutions

ZenaByte provides solutions for the challenges posed by the growing complexity of data life cycle.

Our expertise spans in the spectrum of data management and analytics, from data collection to data visualization.

Our solutions leverage the most advanced frameworks for data management and analysis like the Hadoop and Spark frameworks, enabling the development of scalable and fault tolerant software architectures. These solutions are capable of ingesting raw data from different sources (e.g., system logs, sensor networks, image feeds, etc.), transforming it so that it can be stored in the most suitable database for offline and/or real time analysis.


ZenaByte builds Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) pipelines to ensure data quality while taking care of security and privacy employing frameworks like Apache Kafka, Apache Flume and Tableau Prep.


ZenaByte designs and implements data storage solutions to ensure data security and safety, using enterprise level relational and NoSQL database engines (e.g., Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, Hbase, etc.).


ZenaByte develops data analysis tools to extract useful information from data to support decision making utilizing state of the art frameworks and libraries like Pandas, scikit-learn, R, Spark-ML, etc.

To enable the extraction of value from the data and the analysis, ZenaByte utilises custom, intuitive and interactive data visualization and presentation tools both from scratch, using the D3 library, or using business intelligence tools like Microsoft PowerBI, Dash or Tableau.

Understanding a trend, identifying an outlier, exploring a network, determining a relationship, analysing value and risk are all crucial tasks that are made possible by tailored and optimised data visualizations.