Business Sectors

ZenaByte has already addressed the following application areas:


  • Asset status nowcasting and forecasting from heterogeneous data.
  • Train delay forecasting.
  • Asset maintenance optimisation.


  • Prediction of aircraft trajectories from ATM planning data.
  • Extraction of safety and resilience indicators and dimensions from airprox safety reports.


  • Prediction of Power Delivery and Propeller RPM of cargo ships.
  • Condition based maintenance of naval propulsion systems (with minimal feedbacks).

Information Technology

  • Assessment of fairness of artificial intelligence solutions.

Manufacturing industries

  • Optimisation of the geometrical parameters for the design of turbines and compressors.
  • Forecasting of plastic material aging.


  • Ranking of medical patients
  • Evaluating the risk of COVID-infection in the indoor environment from droplets and aerosols


  • Floating spar-type offshore wind turbine design optimisations via surrogate models.
  • Mooring line tension prediction for floating offshore wind turbines to improve monitoring, lifespan, and safety.